Just watched a lady pay with food stamps at the grocery store. She was wearing a very nice North Face coat that I can’t afford. Thanks again Obama.

Found this gem on facebook. I don’t think people understand, it was just Christmas and people get gifts. But no, if you’re poor, you’re not allowed to have a North Face jacket because it might make someone else jealous. There should be a law that if you get a good gift that might make someone jealous and you also receive food stamps, that gift should be revoked by the government immediately and then given to said jealous person because how dare youuuuuu.

And if you dare save up for something expensive you should be allowed to buy it but then you are only allowed to give it to the jealous person who doesn’t receive food stamps. 

But seriously, what is with people making automatic assumptions. “How dare you have your nails done if you’re poor!” “How dare you have a smart phone if you’re poor!” There is a certain standard that people have for those less fortunate. You must dress in squalor and if you dare dress nicely you’re feeding off the system and Obama should be ashamed. 

So I said, “I think in these types of situation it’s best not to assume something about a person you don’t know but instead be grateful that you don’t have to be one at the store in a North Face jacket given to you by your aunt or someone nice being judged because you don’t look poor enough.”

You don’t see poor people doing the opposite. “OMG she can’t even afford a North Face jacket yet she’s buying food. SMDH.”

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Just a quick point: Ever get a nice score at a thrift store? I have found Coach purses for $10, Sorel arctic weight boots with tags still on for $20, and a Michael Kors top for $4. Those are just things I can think of off the top of my head.

Also, that jacket or smart phone could be from a time went they were more financially stable. If you have a nice North Face jacket, you aren’t getting rid of that and buying a cheap Walmart coat just to appease the judgmental fucks in the grocery store. You aren’t going to sell all your nice stuff for whatever you can get just so people aren’t bitter when you use your SNAP card.

I pawned a Columbia parka in Wyoming for grocery money once and that was fucking stupid. I didn’t apply for food assistance because I was afraid of being judged. Instead, I wound up with $40, which lasted for almost four weeks, and no coat in -30°F weather. Would that be better? If your answer is yes, you’re an asshole.

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